Itac Stick It Extra Strength

Itac Stick It Extra Strength

Price: £ 10.00
Itac2 is a mixture of Organic Beeswax and High Grade Plant Based Esters, low allergenic, balanced PH Cosmetic base spreader and a touch of coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance.

Then emulsify this together (Blend) to provide the best sports grip on the market.

Itac2 is relatively new born only 7 or so years ago from inspiration and an invention in a garage.

Itac2 has been embraced by the sporting community by delivering amazing product that gives the potential to tackle and create new and exciting manoeuvres that are breath taking and gravity defying.

Itac2 has changed the dynamics of some sports already taking it to a new era of potential.
Itac2 delivers you the confidence to challenge yourself at any level from beginner to professional.

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